About Car Investment

We are passionate about exclusive and rare prestige vehicles. Known as modern classics we invest in these for our own fun and make them available for sale to fellow enthusiasts. We do not consider ourselves to be car traders but more car investors.

You can use these cars and sell them for more than you paid for them in the future. To us that is the ultimate driving experience!

We invest in special cars, cars of distinction. Anything we buy we believe will double if not treble in value but at worst will be worth what we advertised it for in 3 years. We are obsessive about studying sold prices and predicting future prices of investable cars. Please note, we do not just buy and sell cars we invest in cars.

Oh, and by the way we don't obscure the reg plate of the vehicle, omit certain angles of the bodywork or interior or conceal any other vital information about the car. We always do a HPI check on the vehicle and take pictures of the car from every angle so you can see the car in it its full glory. We try and score the car as honestly as we can out of 10 on bodywork, interior and drive.

We source vehicles of significant interest from all over the UK. We add a modest 10% margin on whatever we buy them in at. This is to cover our transport, advertising and labour costs to leave a small profit in it for ourselves. We do have to eat you know!

Looking for the perfect car?

Looking for the perfect car?